Metal Trade Solutions is a metal working job shop serving central Minnesota and beyond

Being a job shop means that we take on a wide variety of job from people and companies all over the area. we take on overflow work from other manufactures and handle for work for other companies that don't work with metal. In general MTS will do any work that we have the ability to get done. Often we do not have to all the capabilities in house in which case we send the work to someone who does. In which case we deal with all the hassle and headache and you get what you need. If you think MTS has what it takes to get your work done check out our capabilities and contact us today!  


Prototyping -

From proof of concept prototypes to fully functional pre-production parts and assemblies.

Contract Manufacturing -

Machining or welding/fabricating parts for customers to meet their needs on a regular basis.

Design/Blueprinting -

Design parts and components for mechanical assemblies, injection molded part design and injection mold design. As well as reverse engineer and make solid models and blue prints from existing parts.

Part Processing -

Helping customers through all stages of product life cycle; proof of concept, part design, prototyping and production. Everything from short term part runs to long term solutions.

 Public -

Allowing the at home project people to have repairs done or home décor made to their specifications.

Mission Statement

“MTS seeks to have the friendliest and most customer oriented fabrication and machine shop in central Minnesota. And to provide only the highest quality product and service through our creativity, relaxed work environment and beautiful process.”

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery