Our Process

our process helps us run smoothly as well as help customers understand what steps it will take to complete each project we take on. 

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step one-COntact us

Here is where the conversation starts. This is where we hope to earn your work. we try to display our Honesty, integrity and hard work ethic. we try to live up to our mission statemnt to have top of the line customer service. discussion here usually centers around a few question; Does MTS have the capabilities to do the job? what is the lead time? 

return the quote accepting the price or send a purchase order

Next comes just a bit of paperwork. We take the time to figure out what resources are needed to complete the job; what materials are required, what processes it's going to take, what type and how many consumables will go into the job and how many man hours will it take. we compile all of this and come up with a price and send you a quote. 

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we get to work

This is where we get to shine and do what we love. Make cool thing out of metal! We go through whatever process it takes; plasma cutting, grinding, welding, milling, turning, bending, cutting, forming painting.  



Whether we are sending items down the street or across the country you can be confident it will be on time.  Everything from customer pickup, FedEx, UPS or fright MTS will make sure its on time.