Plasma cutting is a process for cutting conductive material with a jet of hot plasma. In our case that includes mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. our Hyperhterm Powermax85 cutter allows us to cut material up to 3/4 of an inch thick. 


Work Envelope- 48in x 96in (4ft x 8ft)

Material up to 3/4 inch think 

How a plasma cutter works


Plasma cutters work by sending compressed air through a nozzle and electricity charging that air filling it with Ions. This Ionized air then goes through a small venturi at the tip on the torch. When an electrical arc is struck from the tip of the torch to the work piece through the fast traveling ionized air temperatures reach nearly 50,000 degrees the metal becomes molten nearly immediately and high pressure air blows that metal away. The size of this plasma arc can be .040 in diameter to .09 inches in diameter depending on how the torch is set up. 


We trust a hyperthem powermax85 plasma cutter to get the work done and have never been let down.